A-Road, not a crossroads


After 25 years, I’ve reached a very significant point in my professional life.

When I started as a Support Solutions Consultant (yep, even in the 80s we talked like that), I would not have envisaged my job path as a programmer, ELT, the bits in-between, and finally into learning.

Learning is my career. It’s what I’m about.

But more importantly, I’ve realised that the common thread throughout my professional (and personal) life is to make a difference and to enable, whether that’s directly or indirectly.  It has always felt good.

I have a wonderful opportunity to step away from the corporate world for a little bit – away from the politics and monthly password renewal. I’m going to take the opportunity whilst I can. I don’t have much money, but I have two pension plans. One is currently six years old, the other is three (just kidding Social Services).

It’s a huge risk, but one I will look back on proudly for attempting.

And where will this temporary road of peace and tranquility lead to? Right now I’m not 110% sure, but I have a solid timetable of activities for the next three months. You’ll see me down B&Q alot.

To those of you who remain within Corporate World, I wish you continued success in your career.

It is your career, right?

Let’s keep in touch x


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