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You remember that hilariously classic TV moment from the 70s involving boy scouts on a roller coaster?  Y’know, the one from ThatBastardMonster’ll Fix It .

The unknown. The expressions. The mess. Great viewing.

That was me, yesterday, at the CIPD 2015 exhibition in London (Day 2).

Let me take you on a snapshot of my ride.

  1. Arrive [climb into car]
  2. Want to leave [car climbs]
  3. Meet Kevin (@donnyboy71) [Kevin is next to me. His arms are in the air]
  4. We share an experience [Kevin holds on to his lunch]
  5. Again! Again!

And so it continues. People jump on. People jump off.

Fear is a bugger, isn’t it. I know that one day very soon, Reader’s Digest will come through my door. No, sorry……I will unknowingly subscribe digitally.  Fear was something that the quite incredible Julian Stodd observed and blogged recently.

My fear yesterday was about where L&D would continue to add value in the medium term. Yes we scaffold, we curate, we analyse, we play Acronym Bingo, but how long will this last? In this age of PLE and PLN (Bingo!), how long before Millenials, BBoomers, Gen X etc (by the way, it’s a load of tosh) just work it out for themselves?

They already have, haven’t they.

But then I spoke to someone who gave me hope (*stirring music*).  He of identified gender shall remain nameless, but Martin reminded me of that work that ‘falls under the other areas of HR’ – Talent Management, Recruitment and Retention, Performance etc.

We co-own that. We so bloody co-own that….with everyone.

Clearly I haven’t got a clue, and my comments are indicative of the organisational setup I’ve been part of in the last few years. (Colleagues, if you are reading, I have much admiration for you. Sincerely. Truly.)

We all need to let go a bit. Put our arms in the air.

And this, dear friend(s) is when I turn to Toto – they of hits such as ‘Africa’ and ‘Rosanna’ (still one of the tightest, funkiest, most difficult drum beats ever).

Let us pray:

“I’ve been waitin’ for your love, and it’s been here all the time right in front of me”

Now, I didn’t say this to Martin (nor do I have a need to), but thank you Martin. For me, it’s added to my purpose.

Yesterday was about overcoming some of my fears: networking, socialising, punching way way way above my weight.  It’s reminded me of what I still need to do. I’m comfortable with that. I even accepted the ‘Knob’ comment on presentation of my badge.

I’m a better person for the whole experience.

I want to congratulate Andy Lancaster and all at CIPD for finally grabbing my attention again after seven long years. Well done. I wish you great success.

For those who gave me your time, your ears and your wisdom, thank you.

Lead on.
‘Knob’ out.

#cipdLDshow #ldinsight


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