D to A


Warning: What follows is all over the place.

For those who haven’t followed the Government’s digital transformation agenda, don’t worry, you won’t have had to.

It’s all around you.

From renewing your driving license to making an employment tribunal claim, the channel shift is both subtle and immense, as are the efforts to support those who are digitally illiterate.

The folks at GDS have been one of the powerhouses behind this, with many industries and professions (not just UX people) seeing them as one of THE leaders in service design and delivery.  Their Service Design Manual is really worth exploring, in particular their methodology in how to execute the phases of service design.

As L&Ders, we are familiar with this methodology within the workplace. We do Alpha > Beta > Live. We ‘Retire’. We do Agile. Right?


In this so-called VUCA world, it’s made me think.

But here’s the thing….. as L&Ders, are we in a state of perpetual ‘Discovery’ when it comes to our own learning and its associated application?

A/B reminds me about the good old audio cassette. Two sides, infinite looping.
The cassette player…..Play, Stop, Rewind/Forward, Record. Pause.


I own a ‘CPD Controller 1000’ (patent pending). There’s no Pause on it, but there are some Level indicators.  I keep monitoring them.  I am the DJ (sorta).   I am in control (sorta).  I might get requests like ‘Hey Nick, do you know #CPDorDIE?’, but a quick glance at the Levels and I can see I’m nudging red.

One of the NHS Five Steps to Wellbeing is to Keep Learning.  Well, do you know what, sometimes it’s OK to Pause Learning.

I turn to my Controller and ‘Fade In’ some ‘Practice’.

Now, I know what you are going to say here. Practice is still learning.  Indeed it is.
But, when’s the last time you made that jump from D to A in your workplace?

And that, dear friends, was all over the place.


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