I recently had one of those Personality Profile things conducted at work. Look at the questions, don’t over-analyse…….me, colleagues, relationships, Frappe or Flat White.

It was good. Frighteningly good.

The Exec Summary confirmed my hopes and fears. Here are some fear nuggets.

He tends not to trust strangers (In the word of Julia Roberts “I’m a safety girl”)

May appear unsociable (note the modal verb)

May benefit from:

Realising that social interaction is essential to personal growth
(Agree.  That’s partly why I started the T-ELO Meetup)

Meeting with and talking to more assertive and energetic people

Understanding that seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake does not a great academic make (harsh)

The last one leads me to Heutagogy (L&D not A&E). For those not familiar and still struggling to pronounce, H…gy is learning to learn. It’s learner-centric. It’s mindfulness. (“From Andragogy to Heutagogy” Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon December 2000.)

I read a fair bit during 2014, but I question how much of it has gone in, and more importantly, how much I’ve put into practice. Throughout 2015, it’s clear that I really need to focus and conceive a fluid and robust learning and curation workflow, but more importantly, a clear profile of what I know and what I REALLY NEED to know.

Harold Jarche’s upcoming Personal Knowledge Mastery is timely and developments around Personal Learner Knowledge Graph and xApi may help me along the way.

Finally, this from @JulianStodd

“In the social age, knowledge itself is no longer power: your ability to synthesise meaning out of multiple sources, your ability to add value, to reinvent yourself and effect change,your generosity of time and expertise, these are the things that add value……It’s not about what you know and hide away, it’s about the conversations that you get into andhow generous you are (and how willing you are to learn).”

Happy New Year and Keep Enabling.


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