Robin van PLE SRL (Week 4 #ocTEL)


To date, my experiences of e-assessment and e-feedback have been pretty simplistic and, to be fair, I wouldn’t class them within these categories.

Whilst a strong spirit of traditional learning collaboration exists within my current workplace (e.g. ALS), our shrinking workforce and accommodation sites should provide license to explore new concepts in the use of T-EL in support of our flexible working strategy.

However, my concern lies with an inherent cultural ethos of “spoonfed” learning. Most staff here expect (and receive) training…and why not.

But the shift to SRL is new….like, ‘how do you spell that?’-new.

I am confident that pockets of workplace SRL already exist – actually, I think a lot of staff probably just don’t realise they are doing it – but a formalised mobilization of this new approach needs to happen on a small scale.

Over the next few months, I am hoping to pilot e-assessment and e-feedback as a proof of concept with some procurement practitioners. The strategy, mechanism and tools are unclear as yet, but JISC’s publication on e-assessment along with previous ocTEL’s modules are providing rich cud.

Here are my initial thoughts in response to ocTEL’s questions:

    1. Why did/would you choose a particular type of e-assessment? Describe why you think it is effective and how it can help deepen knowledge and understanding.
      I think my first thought is ‘how deep do we want to go’? Rewind ocTEL Week 2. I’m no expert (you already spotted that), but it feels to me that different assessment design and techniques and associated technologies can lend themselves to different outcomes.Unless you are Yoda, put these words in the right order………“bleeding the obvious stating”

If I relate back to JISC’s definitions, I feel initially we are heading towards the ‘Associative Perspective’, but as the need for leaner ‘scaffolding’ diversifies, so will the required Perspectives.

2. In your experience, what type of approach creates an environment conducive to self-directed learning, peer support and collaborative learning? How might technology help?

I read something about this somewhere. Ah yes, Participation in Forums (René F. Kizilcec, Daniel McFarland -March 2014).  Check out OU’s iBook on SRL too (A.Mikroyannidis et al – December 2013)

3. What opportunities and challenges does this approach present to tutors?

“I’m an Enabler, not a Tutor.” Nick Ribeiro (June 2014).
My main challenge right now is to influence and persuade the organization – and I don’t mean the learners.

Now where was I?  Ah yes…
Come on the Dutch!!


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