Magic ‘Moments’ (#ocTEL)


Firstly, for the record, I am not a Dropout.  Not in the MOOC sense anyway.

Because of recent life events (e.g. Eurovision), time has become even more precious recently, so here’s a summarised summary of #ocTEL Week 2.

(Week 1: Failed.)

Week 2 focuses on ‘approaches to learning’ and asks:

  1. Has my ‘approach’ to ocTEL used a variety of these ‘approaches’ or
    leaned on one?
    This has depended on my Moment of Need. If you asked me last week,
    I would have said ‘Surface’/’Deep’. But something has happened at work recently.  People have started to show signs of lis-te-ning.  I can’t be absolutely sure, but there is a meeting
    this Thursday to talk about TEL.   For me, this has triggered all five Moments and refocused my approach to this MOOC.
  2. Are learners who tend to take a ‘surface’ approach likely to learn
    more or less effectively online versus face-to-face?

    Oooooh! Ooooh! Me! Me! I know this one!
    The answer is: ‘What’s in it for me’, ‘MoN’ and ‘Design’.
    (You’re shaking your head.)
  3. How might we encourage ‘deep learning’ in online contexts?
    Under ‘AOB’. I’ll come back to you.

That was deep. Dizzy now.
(Wordcount: Pathetic)


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