“MOOC of Love”


This morning’s drive to work necessitated an ‘80s classics’ compilation album.

By about Track 5 (King), I was starting to skip forward/back.  By Track 10 (Spagna) I was changing CD, and within 30 minutes (Debbie Gibson) I was, well, embarrassed really.

So I switched to radio.

I started to wonder if my listening habits drew parallels with my current MOOC experience. The six-week offering is proving quite absorbing.

Here are my thoughts on Week 0.  I’ll try and throw in some 80s lyrics to keep it interesting.

  1. Does your device of choice affect your MOOC UX and participation?  I have found myself fleeting from tablet to smartphone, desktop to tablet etc.  There’s a lot to be said about MOOCs and Responsive Design.

  2. There’s been much debate on the E of TEL.  Enhanced or Enabled?  It’s made me realise that I’ve been Living in A Box.

  3. Relax, somebody at LTUK14 talked about BYOA.  Discuss.

  4. MOOCS are about sparking change, however big or small.


Don’t You Forget About Me.



3 thoughts on ““MOOC of Love”

  1. I’m interested in your comment on devises used and the effects on your experience of a MOOC. What device(s) are you tending towards using for ocTEL?

    1. Hi Tracey

      I’m thrilled. You’re the first (and last) person to comment on my blog. TI.TO Badge for you.

      In relation to your question, I have gone from iPad to iMac to smartphone (Android) to Windows desktop. Why? Well, I’m scratching my head on that one. I think a mix of the following:

      Mobility (having a device to hand)
      Functionality of the device. Does it enhance or constrain e.g no Flash on iPad?
      Time of day (or night)
      Type of activity (reading vs video vs forum etc). Some things just ‘feel’ better on certain devices and therefore make me want to participate (hence my comment on UX/Responsive Design).

      Are they all related? Does one affect the other? Does taking one away change things?

      Oh oh…it’s reflection time for me.

  2. Ah yes, ‘know thyself’!

    Makes me think of those investigating ‘Bring Your Own Device’. It certainly allows individuals to use the tool which feels best, which must be a good thing. But then I have to think about what devices do learners own? Do we disadvantage the disadvantaged?

    Questions, questions…

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