Over the years I have found it pretty easy to transition from one pastime to another.

First there was soccer.  I played to a decent semi-pro level until the late 90s and retired gracefully at 32 within the lower leagues with both knees, ankles and teeth intact.  (Nose not so lucky.)

Next up, drums.

I had been revisiting a love from childhood where, as a 7-year old, I would play along to rpm gems on a plush G-Plan Duo Suite with Size 8 knitting needles – the plethora of cushions putting me right up there with Nico McBrain. I was in various bands and settled with a decent covers outfit for 3 years.

Then came the children (I’m sticking to this pastime quite well) and new love of video/photography occupying the precious little time I have.

But the drums niggle me…..I hate the fact that the drums niggle me, not because of the lack of time, but my conscious willingness to just let my talent (albeit small) sit in the garage.

JoJo Mayer is a sticksman I had been trying to avoid.  He’s one of those unique bastards that remind you what you could have been if only you had practised 12 hrs a day since childbirth.   I met JoJo recently, and whilst seeing him play reminded me of my “World’s Greatest Drummer” ranking, he talked about how drum ‘n’ bass changed him.  I wonder if he felt that it ‘saved’ him?

Suffice to say, meeting JoJo has been my drum ‘n’ bass moment.  I still haven’t had a chance to get the kit out, but I’m sure that when I do, this pastime will be here to stay.

And I thought I had a point to make with this post.



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